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Выберите правильный ответ и перепишите

подчеркнув выбранный Вами вариант:

1. Harry usually drives ______________

    a) careful, b) carefully, c) careless.

2. If he ___________ to Boston, he will live on Main

    a) goes, b) will go c) it going

3. The train ________ at eight o\\\'clock

    a) leaves, b) is leaving? c) has left.

4. He _________ his homework yet

    a) didn\\\'t finish, b) is not finished, c) hasn\\\'t finished.

5. Have your got _________ good ideas?

    a) some, b) a, c) any

6.I prefer an apple ___________ ice-cream.

    a) to, b) for. c) off

7. Do you think it will ________ any difference?

    a) do, b) mate. c) be.

8. All Tom\\\'s friends were sorry _____ him when he failed
his entrance exams.

    a) for, b) about, c) with. d) at.

9. They interrupted their journey because the car

    a) has broken down, b) had stolen, c) had broken down.

10. I ______ tell your something yesterday, but I forgot.

    a) am going to, b) was going to, c) wonted.

II. Прочитайте
текст и письменно ответьте на вопросы

    Daily newspapers are those that are
published daily from Monday to Saturday. There are the morning papers and the evening
papers. The morning papers are on sale early in the morning. The evening papers begin to
appear during the morning, and new editions appear two or three hours until the final edit
on comes out in the evening. The London newspaper that is best known outside Great Britain
is probably "The Times". It began in 1785, and has a high reputation for
reliable news and serious comment on he news. It is an independent paper, not giving its
support to a particular political party its leading articles give the opinions of its
editorial gaff, not those of the owners of the pepper. The correspondence columns of
"The Times" are always interesting and often amusing. But from time to time
there will be a long correspondence on a subject that is not serious perhaps on a new
fashion of dress, or had manners of the younger generation compared with the manners of
thirty years ago. "The Times", of course, does not publish the strip cartoons
that are so common on the cheaper and popular paper.

    1. What are daily papers?

    2. What is the test known newspaper outside Great Britain?

    3. On what subjects are most of the letters?

    4.What is the difference between "The Times" and other

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